Carlos Coelho assina pergunta à Alta Representante sobre a situação na Venezuela

1 de Agosto, 2017

Today, on the 1st of August, Leopoldo López and Antonio Ledezma, leaders of the Venezuelan opposition were taken from their homes by police forces while they were under house arrest (1). These arrests further fuel tensions in Venezuela, where plans to introduce a constituent assembly with virtually unchecked powers led to months of  unrest and protests, culminating in violent clashes and the death of as many as 14 peoplpere on election day. Having regard to the July 31st statement by the HRVP's spokesperson, these questions remain:

1. Has the HR/VP been in contact with the ministers of foreign affairs of all EU member states about the deteriorating situation in Venezuela and have (individual) sanctions been considered? 

2. Can the HR/VP provide an indication of the financial value of the assets, properties and bank accounts President Maduro and members of his regime have within EU member states?

3. Is the HR/VP aware of the sanctions imposed on Venezuelan officials by the US and will the HR/VP discuss the setting up of targeted EU sanctions against Maduro and members of his government with the EU member states at the earliest possible opportunity and additionally, what effect will recent events have on EU financial aid to Venezuela?