Carlos Coelho dirige carta aos Ministros do Interior da França e da Estónia

Carlos Coelho na qualidade de Relator do Parlamento Europeu para a nova Agência TI (que vai gerir as bases de dados europeias no âmbito do Espaço de Liberdade, Segurança e Justiça) dirigiu uma Carta aos Ministro do Interior da França e da Estónia cujo texto integral está em anexo.


Ao contrário da preferência do Parlamento que se inclinava para sediar a Agência num único local (com uma estação de back-up noutro país comunitário) a França e a Estónia celebraram um acordo de partilha que divide a Agência entre Estrasburgo e Tallinn.


Com esta iniciativa Carlos Coelho pretende assegurar concessões dos dois países que garantam que o custo final desta solução não vai onerar mais o orçamento comunitário.




Carlos M. Coelho



Minister Marko Pomerants

Estonian Ministry of the Interior



Minister Brice Hortefeux

French Ministry of the Interior


Brussels, 17.02.2011



Dear Minister,




As the Rapporteur for the establishment of an Agency for the operational management of large-scale IT systems in the area of freedom, security and justice, I would like to draw your attention to the current state of play on this file.


So far, the results of the informal discussions between the European Parliament, the Commission and the Presidency of the Council have been quite positive, reflecting a broad consensus on most of the issues.


Nevertheless, questions concerning the future seat of the Agency remain open.


Following the orientation vote held in October 2010 in the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee, it is clear that the European Parliament would support any proposal that foresees centralised management and responsibility, dedicated buildings for the Agency, the highest level of physical and data security and that has proven to be the most cost-efficient solution.


The European Parliament is aware of the joint proposal presented by Estonia and France, providing for a joint management structure.  On this basis, we would request that, both Estonia and France, present to the European Parliament a clear proposal for this joint solution, taking into account the Commission's impact assessment and providing, in particular, an analysis of the precise costs/benefits in respect of the following questions:


- The extent of the Estonian contribution and commitments?


-The extent of the French contribution and commitments?


- Does this common proposal make full use of the investments at site in Strasbourg?


- What extra costs are foreseen in this joint proposal?


-Does the management structure foreseen in the Estonian-French proposal lead to any doubling of functions or extra coordination costs?


According to the European Parliament's position on Article 34, paragraph 2 of the amended proposal for an IT Agency as results from the orientation vote, and following the discussions with the Council and the Commission, it is provided that "[t]he Agency shall take up its responsibilities set out in Article 2 to 6 from [June] 2012, provided that the Member States and the European Parliament have agreed on the location of its seat sufficiently in advance to allow its basic infrastructure and procedures to become operational at that seat".


In order to be able to reach an agreement on the amended proposal for an IT Agency which would obtain the full support of the European Parliament, I would like to have access to the requested elements as soon as possible and, in any event, before the high-level trilogue foreseen for March 2011.



Yours sincerely,



Carlos Coelho




C.C:    Mrs Cecilia Malmström, Commissioner for Home Affairs, European   



Mr. Sandor Pinter, Minister of Interior of Hungary, President of JHA Council


Mr. Juan Fernando Lopez-Aguillar, Chairman of the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee, European Parliament

Mr. Alexander Alvaro, Shadow Rapporteur, European Parliament

Mrs. Sylvie Guillaume, Shadow Rapporteur, European Parliament

Mr. Jan Philipp Albrecht, Shadow Rapporteur, European Parliament

Mr. Timothy Kirkhope, Shadow Rapporteur, European Parliament

Mrs. Cornelia Ernst, Shadow Rapporteur, European Parliament

Mr. Gerard Batten, Shadow Rapporteur, European Parliament

Mrs. Jutta Haug, Rapporteur BUDG Opinion, European Parliament

Mr. Marian-Jean Marinescu, Rapporteur CONT Opinion, European Parliament

Mrs. Monika Hohlmeier, European Parliament